The Best Rx For Lower Plan & Member Cost

See how easy the US-Rx Right Rx program is
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Right Rx Non-Specialty Rx Management

US-Rx Care provides “Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management” services to entities that bear pharmacy risk. US-Rx Care’s expertise includes all aspects of pharmacy management including acute, chronic, and specialty medications.

Over the last twenty years, US-Rx Care’s Right Rx program has produced significant savings in drug expenditures for self-funded employers and health insurance plans covering over 3 million lives throughout the US.

The US-Rx Care Advantage

With the Right Rx program, US-Rx Care typically targets an 8%-10% reduction in client’s annual spend for prescription medications. The Right Rx program savings are always incremental, above and beyond, any discounts or other cost savings provided through the Client’s PBM.

US-Rx Care clients typically enjoy 100%-300% or greater returns on investment in the form of easily-measured, real dollar cost savings. Plan beneficiaries typically save 30% or more in out-of-pocket costs. The lower cost alternative paid for their prescription medications as well.

Right Rx – Here’s How It Works

US-Rx Care provides advocacy and outreach on behalf of self-funded plans to maximize client and member savings, while also maintaining or improving quality of care. The Right Rx Platform efficiently reviews client pharmacy claims data and recommends lower cost therapeutic equivalents to prescribing doctors.

When lower cost therapies are approved by prescribers, members are contacted by US-Rx Care’s trained advocates and educated about the cost saving therapy changes. New prescriptions for doctor approved alternatives are forwarded to the member’s pharmacy for doctor and member convenience.

Program Benefits for Employers

The Right Rx pharmacy program offers a no-cost, risk-free opportunity for employers to significantly reduce what they spend for prescription medications under their pharmacy benefit plan.

US-Rx Care’s Cost Savings Guarantee

ALL US-Rx Care clients save money by implementing the Right Rx program, a fact which we gladly back with a savings guarantee.

In the unlikely event that program savings do not exceed program costs, we will refund the difference! A guarantee as unique as is the effectiveness of the Right Rx program.

Implementing the Right Rx program is simple.

The program works seamlessly in parallel with the client’s existing PBM or TPA. No changes in benefit design or plan formularies are required. US-Rx Care takes care of all elements of program implementation, customer service, performance reporting, and support. The program can be implemented at any time during the benefit term.