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Specialty Medication Resources

As you’re aware, Kaman recently transitioned its pharmacy benefit manager from CVS to MagellanRx Management and US-Rx Care. US-Rx Care manages specialty medications, which typically include high-cost and often injectable medications dispensed through a specialty pharmacy.

Specialty medications require prior authorization for coverage under the Plan and are reviewed at least once annually. US-Rx Care will inform your prescriber which approved specialty pharmacy to send your prescription to, which may or may not be MagellanRx.

Familiarize Yourself With The Specialty Benefit

Kaman offers various resources to help you maximize the benefits for specialty medications managed through US-Rx Care.

Please review all of the informational documents listed below for your reference.

Should you require assistance or have any inquiries regarding prescribed specialty medications, please contact US-Rx Care at 844-744-4410.

To ensure smooth electronic claims processing, please provide the dispensing pharmacy with the US-Rx Care BIN 017076 and PCN 9999. Please note that these BIN and PCN details are not on your MagellanRx or UnitedHealthcare ID cards since US-Rx Care only handles specialty medications for the Plan.


US-Rx Care Team