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US-Rx Care’s mission is to deliver needed medication therapy at the lowest available cost. For many organizations, US-Rx Care’s pharmacy risk management and clinical management services have become a game changer. Learn more below about how our services can benefit your organization or schedule a no-risk savings analysis with our team to learn how and where we can improve quality and lower costs for your organization and plan enrollees.

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Learn how US-Rx Care can elevate the value you bring to clients and prospective clients along with substantial benefits savings and high member satisfaction.

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Lower your pharmacy spend 30-50% or more in 12 months while increasing value for your employees.

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Lower pharmacy benefit spend 30-50% or more in 12 months without change in benefit design.

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Our Right Rx services effectively overlay any existing PBM relationship to deliver enhanced savings and quality of care for both the plan and enrollees.


Right RX Medication Management

Our clinical management services easily overlay an existing PBM relationship, with little to no member disruption.


Prescription Benefits Management

We deliver pharmacy benefit risk management unlike any other PBM or service in the U.S.

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National Alliance Playbook

Addressing Pharmacy Benefit Management Misalignment


Why Fiduciary Matters

Is your current PBM fiduciary compliant? Here's why you should ask.


$4.2MM Saved

How we helped a nonprofit helped generate millions in benefits savings.

Everything US-Rx Care promised has come true, with no loss in care. The less we pay, the less cost share that employees have to pay on prescriptions"

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