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Fiduciary Rx Risk Management

Over $150 Billion in Avoidable Prescription Medication Spend Annually

Over $250 Billion in Avoidable Medical Expenses Attributable To Medication Adherence


Eliminate Avoidable Waste From YOUR Pharmacy Benefit Plan Now…

And Improve Quality of Care…

All With No Change In Benefit Design

The US-Rx Care Difference

  • US-Rx Care provides fiduciary Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management services to a wide range of clients exposed to pharmacy risk
  • Over two decades of service to more than 5 million lives
  • Over $1 Billion in cost savings generated for clients
  • Expertise in all aspects of pharmacy risk including acute, chronic, and specialty medications

Identify the Right Programs and Services For Your Organization

Leverage Your Existing PBM Relationship (Lower Plan Spend $10-$20 Per Member Per Month)

Improve Your PBM Model and Approach (Lower Plan Spend 30%-50%)