Positive Change For A Change

US-Rx Care delivers Pharmacy Benefit Risk Management unlike any service offered by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) of any kind, anywhere in the US.

  • We provide fiduciary pharmacy risk management to self-insured employers with a singular focus on balancing cost and quality of care in the best interest of plan sponsors and their plan participants
  • We are quality of care and service obsessed
  • We have no financial conflicts of interest, no hidden profits, unrestricted transparency

The Benefits of Fiduciary Pharmacy Benefit Risk Management

If you spent more on prescription medications this year than last, we can reverse that trend.  Our clients and their plan participants save 30%-50% on average in the first 12-18 months with no changes to benefit design.

Advocacy for Plan Enrollees

US-Rx Care offers a unique enrollee advocacy program.  Our proprietary systems monitor and analyze prescription claims to alert prescribers and enrollees when lower cost therapy equivalents are available. Our advocates obtain new Rx’s from prescribers, educate enrollees on doctor approved options, and assist in getting the new Rx to the pharmacy.  Plan enrollees save 30% or more on out of pocket costs through US-Rx Care pharmacy advocate program.

Specialty Pharmacy Management

Specialty pharmaceuticals can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  No different from hospitalizations or high cost diagnostic procedures, specialty pharmaceuticals require independent, objective clinical review and oversight to ensure coverage approval is supported by national guidelines and standards of care.  Any entity that profits from dispensing a specialty medication should not be utilized as gate keeper for specialty pharmaceuticals.

US-Rx Care does not own or operate a pharmacy and does not profit from manufacturer rebates and financial incentives.  Plus any and all manufacturer revenue is passed through to our clients 100%.