US-Rx Care Partners With GoodRx to Complement Its National Pharmacy Network

Jun 27, 2024

Fiduciary pharmacy benefits organization US-Rx Care is proud to announce the addition of GoodRx to its national pharmacy network. GoodRx is one of the nation’s most recognizable providers of “cash discount” prices on prescription medications, used by millions of individuals throughout the U.S. annually. This relationship augments US-Rx Care’s own network pharmacy contracts to access GoodRx discounts in the event that the GoodRx price is better for a given drug on a given day at a particular pharmacy. This helps self-insured employers strengthen overall benefit value and provides the best possible care to their enrollees.

This unique savings opportunity automatically checks the GoodRx “cash price” discounts at the point of dispensing. Instead of searching on their own for additional savings through GoodRx, plan members can simply present their US-Rx Care health benefits card to the pharmacy, which will compare the US-Rx Care network rate with the GoodRx cash price. The member will always pay the lower amount and earn credit towards their deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums with no paperwork or reimbursement forms to submit. Through this integrated approach, US-Rx Care and GoodRx are working side-by-side to deliver the savings and quality of care that employers and enrollees both expect and deserve.

“As a fiduciary PBM, US-Rx Care puts the best interest of employers and their plan enrollees ahead of anything else,” said Renzo Luzzatti, US-Rx Care Founder and President. “By partnering with GoodRx, we continue to deliver on our fiduciary responsibilities by making it simple for employers to avoid conflicts of interest in their pharmacy plans and drive greater value for their plan enrollees.”

US-Rx Care maintains full contractual adherence to fiduciary duties, ensuring employers with self-sponsored health plans reduce wasteful spending and provide needed medical therapies to their plan members at the most affordable cost. Together, US-Rx Care and GoodRx are committed to enhancing price transparency and increasing flexibility for employer-sponsored pharmacy benefits. By eliminating hidden profits and deconflicting the complex processes within pharmacy benefits management, these two organizations now offer a more cost-effective, clinically responsible, and high-value pharmacy benefits solution.

About US-Rx Care

US-Rx Care is a fiduciary pharmacy benefits organization. We grew up in the health plan environment, working for and consulting to multiple Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health insurers for over thirty years. At US-Rx Care, clients have access to proven pharmacy risk management programs and solutions that have consistently delivered 30%-50% reductions or more in pharmacy benefit spend for at-risk health plan sponsors. We have also assisted multiple plans achieve dramatic increases in HEDIS / Stars quality scores despite ever increasing thresholds to achieve a 5 star rating.