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Based on average client savings, partnering with US-Rx Care could save you as much as $ annually on pharmacy benefits costs.

Learn how by scheduling a comprehensive savings analysis with our team.

*Estimates are based on historical savings averages from US-Rx clients and are not a guarantee of actual savings achieved through a partnership with US-Rx Care.

Who We Are

As a pioneer clinical pharmacy organization, we leverage deep knowledge of self-insured employer health plans and pharmacy benefits risk management to consistently deliver substantial reductions in pharmacy spend for at-risk plan sponsors.

With over 30 years of experience, we work to provide needed medical therapies at the lowest available cost. Our approach is rooted in clinical rigor, ensuring plan members receive the best medications for their specific needs while generating consistent, quantifiable savings for both plan sponsors and participants.

Our Savings Solutions

US-Rx Care strictly adheres to fiduciary standards. We built our Pharmacy Benefit Risk Management and Prescription Cost Management services on a foundation of transparency and integrity, eliminating all conflicts of interest so we can focus solely on balancing cost and quality of care. That’s why our clients see a 30-50% reduction in their pharmacy spend in the first 12 months — without any changes to benefit design.

No matter your specific pharmacy benefits or prescription management needs, our tried-and-true solutions can help you provide richer employee benefits while lowering costs for everyone involved.

Explore Client Outcomes

From individual employers to multi-state health systems, we pride ourselves on the savings we achieve for our clients. Explore our success stories and client testimonials to discover how our time-tested solutions helped countless employers and organizations save big on pharmacy benefits.

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