Validation Institute Verifies US-Rx Care Pharmacy Benefit Savings and Contractual Integrity


PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (Oct. 13, 2022) – Clinical pharmacy organization US-Rx Care is pleased to announce the recent validation of its commitment to the highest level of organizational transparency and prescription drug savings. The Validation Institute verified that the US-Rx Care pharmacy benefits management model meets fiduciary standards and accurately claims to reduce self-insured employer pharmacy benefit spend. 

“We are acutely aware of the need for accountability in the healthcare industry, as deceptive claims put the health of our most vulnerable populations at stake,” said Benny DiCecca, President of the Validation Institute. “That’s why we designed a rigorous review process to evaluate the promises healthcare companies are making concerning potential savings and outcomes.”

After thorough analysis, the Validation Institute concluded that US-Rx Care’s pharmacy risk management services qualified for two validations recognizing exceptional cost-savings and contractual integrity.

“US-Rx Care is honored to receive confirmation from the Validation Institute that our pharmacy benefits model truly embodies a fiduciary role,” said Renzo Luzzatti, President of US-Rx Care. “We are very excited to see where these validations will take us as we charge forward with our mission of serving plan sponsors and members alike.” 

This validation status will propel US-Rx Care to a new level of pharmacy benefits management. Recognition from the Validation Institute means every step of the US-Rx Care pharmacy benefits management model has been systematically examined to ensure consistency and accuracy from start to finish. With quality-assurance confirmation from an objective third-party vendor, self-insured employers can confidently place their trust in US-Rx Care’s commitment to finding the lowest available cost for prescription drugs — with no member disruption. 

“This achievement lends extensive credibility and sets US-Rx Care apart from other industry competitors,” said Luzzatti. “We look forward with great anticipation to the expansion of our reach as we continually deliver impressive savings without sacrificing quality of care for those who depend on us.” 

About US-Rx Care
US-Rx Care is a clinical pharmacy organization. We grew up in the health plan environment, working for and consulting to multiple Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health insurers for over thirty years. At US-Rx Care, clients have access to proven pharmacy risk management programs and solutions that have consistently delivered 20%-50% reductions in pharmacy benefit spend for at-risk health plan sponsors. We have also assisted multiple plans achieve dramatic increases in HEDIS / Stars quality scores despite ever increasing cut points to achieve a 5 star rating. Learn more about US-Rx Care at

About Validation Institute
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, 3rd party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Portsmouth, N.H., the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare. Learn more about Validation Institute at

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