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US-Rx Care is proud to be an industry leader and provide insights and resources to help clients navigate the ins and outs of pharmacy risk management. Explore some of our resources below, or schedule a call to learn more about what we do and the benefits for plan sponsors and plan enrollees.

Downloadable Resources

National Alliance Playbook

National Alliance Playbook:
Addressing Pharmacy Benefit Management Misalignment.

Fiduciary Mindset White Paper

White Paper:
Pharmacy Risk Management with a Fiduciary Mindset.

Specialty Savings Mcckup

White Paper:
Critically important strategies to reduce specialty spend.

CAA Quick Guide

Industry Brief:
CAA Quick Guide for self-insured employers.

CAA White Paper

White Paper:
A self-insured employers’ guide to Navigating CAA Compliance.

Common Myths

Industry Insights:
Busting common myths related to benefits management.

Overcoming PBM Challenges White Paper

White Paper:
2024 employer action plan for overcoming PBM challenges.

The Problem With PBM Rebate Guarantees White Paper

White Paper:
The Problem With PBM Rebate Guarantees

Everything US-Rx Care promised has come true, with no loss in care. The less we pay, the less cost share that employees have to pay on prescriptions"

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